> Artemisinin for Cancer

Artemisinin for Cancer

Artemisinin for cancer may prove to be a "smart bomb" for malignancies. An altered form of this herb kills cancer cells. See research, scientific data below.

Researchers have been looking for some time at the supplement, says Robert J. Rowen, M.D. in his monthly Newsletter, Second Opinion (March 2007), and another 2008 article from the Seattle Post Intelligencer, "UW scientists report success in herb enhanced to fight cancer," details what is going on to develop the herb into a cancer fighter.

Tomikazu Sasaki, Henry Lai and Narendra Singh of the University of Washington showed in a lab experiment several years ago that an altered form of artemisinin selectively kills malignant cancer cells. The UW research indicates that it may also prevent breast cancer. 

It's NOT the over-the-counter form, though. The Seattle scientists "manipulated the herb's protein surface and boosted it with iron. When the cancer cells consume the compound, it releases toxic chemicals that kill the cells." The compound damages cancer cells by reacting with the iron in those cells. The iron in normal cells is not available for this kind of reaction.

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Artemisinin for cancer may prevent breast malignancies

In an experiment, rats were given a substance that induces multiple breast cancers. The rats were divided into an experimental group, which received artemisinin for cancer in their food, and a control group, where no changes were made. The experimental group had a 40% lower incidence of breast cancer, and their tumors were fewer and smaller.

Although the University of Washington patented Dr. Lai's idea, they have posted here that they do not advocate its use for cancer, so they must have gotten some criticism from the above experiment. Nevertheless, they post on the same page a link to a list of publications on artemisinin for cancer.

The American Cancer Society does not approve the use of Artemisinin for cancer. See their position here

The National Institutes of Health is cautiously optimistic in their 2013 article, "Development of artemisinin compounds for cancer treatment." They say that "artemisinin compounds [are] attractive cancer chemotherapeutic drug candidates," but the natural product does not do as well as chemotherapy. They also say that "More potent and target-selective artemisinin-compounds are being developed [which] are promising potent anticancer compounds that produce significantly less side effects than traditional chemotherapeutic agents."

Artemisin reacts with iron in cancer cells to form "an explosion of cell-killing free radicals," says Dr. Rowen in his July 2014 issue. Dr. Rowen says he has had feedback from readers "curing their colon cancer," and it's very effective on fast growing cancers.

Do not take artemisinin without consulting a medical professional. The American Cancer Society article mentioned above describes possible harmful side effects. 

Artemisinin for Malaria

This herb is best known for the treatment of malaria, where it uses a similar kind of reaction with iron to kill the malaria parasite. It's been called a "smart bomb" for malaria.


Artemisinin is also used to treat another red blood cell parasite called Babesia, which often goes undiagnosed in the U.S. and elsewhere. 

Like malaria, Babesia causes intermittent flu-like fevers, sweats, significant fatigue, migraines, shortness of breath, and chest pain. James Schaller, M.D., has discovered that at least eight species of Babesia in America infect humans, and are the cause of both dangerous and mild illnesses in children and adults.

Dr. Schaller has written a book called Artemisinin, Artesunate, Artemisinic Acid and Other Derivatives of Artemisia Used for Malaria, Babesia and Cancer.

Perhaps the most exciting development, however, is the potential use of artemisinin for cancer.


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