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Dry Facial Skin

Find out how to fix dry facial skin. My face was covered with flakes no matter what I did, until I stumbled across this dry skin care treatment. This is a personal story, not a sales page.

Talk about extreme! I couldn't wear makeup because it would stick to the flakes and look just awful. I tried every remedy for dry skin I could find. I was not on a low fat diet at the time (although I am now), so lack of fat wasn't the problem. I think I drank plenty of liquids; I can't remember--it's been years.

Then I saw, in two different newsletters on alternative medicine, a dry skin cream that was highly recommended. I tried this dry skin creme. I don't remember how long it took to get rid of the flakes, but it was a very short time--less than two weeks, maybe much less.

I used this product successfully for ten years, but then I decided to make my own cream. See below for details about the product I used, and then scroll down for info on how I make my own dry facial skin cream.

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Dry Facial Skin Wrinkle Product

This dry skin care product also promoted itself as an anti-wrinkle cream, and I do remember that within two weeks I noticed a significant difference. I used to have furrows between my eyebrows deep enough to grow vegetables in. Although they never went completely away, I estimate that they are 50% less deep than they were before using this wrinkle treatment.

In addition, during certain facial expressions, if I turned my nose or mouth to the left or right, for example, I had really noticeable wrinkle striations all across the side of my face. Although they didn't go away 100%, they are now a fraction of what they used to be. 

My problem is gone. My makeup goes on smoothly; not a flake in sight. Well, every few months I do use a facial scrub to remove the few dry facial skin flakes that have accumulated during that time, but almost everyone with dry skin has that occasional little bit. No big deal.

This moisturizer for dry skin really worked for me, and I am a senior citizen! Imagine what it could do if you are younger!

The name of this dry skin solution is Trienelle. You can find it on the Internet at trienelle.com. 

It isn't cheap, but I think the dry skin relief is worth it. I used the Daily Renewal Cream, which lasted me more than a month, because I used less than they say to use. You can get it for less if you sign up for autoshipping of one jar a month.

I have no connection with the company. I was just blessed to stumble across it.

Now I make my own cream

After using Trienelle for about ten years, I was still very happy with the results, but the price went up, and I became aware that some of the ingredients listed on the jar might not be good for me. So I decided to make my own cream for dry facial skin.

I receive a catalog called "Isabella" that sells a lot of expensive skin creams. Each one has a selling point: Our product is great because it contains Argan oil. Ours is best because it has sea buckthorn oil. Ours is terrific because it has beta glucan. And so on. I made a list of all these ingredients they touted, for results I wanted for my own skin, and then started to search the Internet for them. I bought as many as I could find, and I added them ALL to my own cream.

What I'm saying is that not only did I make my cream for my dry facial skin, I figured I might as well also throw in some ingredients for my brown spots, my red areas, and so forth. The catalog lists which products do what and which is the active ingredient.

I found that my cream works just as well for me as Trienelle, with those extra benefits I mentioned above, at a fraction of the price. In fact, I use it not just on my face but also as a post-shower body cream, and on the frizzy parts of my hair, moisturizing that frizzy hair right after I wash it.

Tips for making your own cream for dry facial skin

I'm not going to give you my whole recipe, because it's for my skin problems, and, the recipe is complicated, probably more complicated than it needs to be.

But here are the basics:

The base I use is Desert Essence Organics Fragrance Free. It's as pure as you'll find, and it's really inexpensive. I use four eight-ounce tubes per recipe, which makes about a quart of cream. 

For dry facial skin (and dry body skin and hair), I put into the oven, at 200 F, the following:

In a small oven-proof bowl (preferably oven-safe glass):

1/4 cup Shea Butter, which you can find at your health food store.

One tablespoon coconut oil

One tablespoon Burt's Bees A Farmer's Friend Hand Salve

In a separate, medium, oven-safe bowl, the contents of ONE tube of the Desert Essence Cream to warm it. I cut off the top and bottom and cut it open into lengthwise quarters and scrape it out with a scraper.

Dry facial skin cream

Why all the trouble? Because Shea Butter will granulate and cause a gritty feel if it's not melted first, and coconut oil and the Burt's Bees salve are very thick, so it's easier to mix them if they're melted.

While they are melting, I cut and scrape the other three tubes of Desert Essence into a large bowl.

When the butter, oil, and salve are melted, I take everything out of the oven and mix the butter, oil and salve into the warm cream with a wire whisk.

Then I add all that into the three tubes of cream that have been waiting in the other bowl, whisking it all together.

Add emu oil, 16 drops, a MUST, since emu oil is what causes the other ingredients to penetrate your skin.

I also use the following, which are important for dry facial skin, if you are not allergic to them. Always test new substances for allergies.

¼ tsp Argan oil

1/2 tsp rosehip oil

16 drops sea buckthorn oil

4 drops Neroli oil (which will make it smell good, as well as being good for your skin)

However, you could try it without these four ingredients, and it would probably still work.

For preservatives, and I add the contents of four capsules of Unique brand vitamin E oil and one capsule of 500 mg vitamin C, which is also an exfoliant (to help you get rid of dead skin).


(I store the extra jars in the freezer.)

I can't advise you any more than that on preservatives. I am not a cosmetologist. I am winging it, and I lucked out with a cream that really works for my dry skin. If you want to add more preservatives, search Google for "natural preservatives," and see what you can find.

Put it all into a food processor, mix well, put in glass jars and refrigerate. I put it into one-cup glass canning jars.

This makes a quart of white cream that will last about three months (refrigerated) before it starts to break down (since there are no professional stabilizers in it). I put the date I made it on each jar.

I think that will be enough to eliminate your dry facial skin. When you first put it on, it feels greasy, like old fashioned "cold cream," but in less than a minute, the emu oil will make it sink in, making your skin moist and smooth.

If it's still too greasy, add some more Desert Essence. Next time, cut down on the shea butter to make it less greasy. Or the coconut oil or Burt's Bees salve.

Note: Shea butter has a long history for moisturizing and smoothing dry, wrinkled and aging skin.

You can find all the ingredients online.

I add a lot more things to mine, but they may not fit your needs. Get an Isabella catalog, and study the products, like I did, to find out which additional ingredients you need. Among the things I add for my needs are cucumber extract, vitamin D, ubiquinone, DMAE, glucosamine, taurine, SOD, plant enzymes, beta glucan and more. 

I also have a night cream, into which I put all ingredients that are colored, and the ingredients that irritate my eyes, but the night cream is for other purposes than dry facial skin.

Try the recipe above and see if it works for you. I'd love it if you'd let me know.



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