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H. Pylori Treatments

H. Pylori Treatments: Tummy Tamers To Get Rid Of Ulcers. Easy, inexpensive alternative therapies, including diet, supplements, more. Proven by clinical studies.

H pylori definition

H pylori is a type of bacteria that can live in your digestive tract. Often, it attacks the stomach lining. Heliobactor pylori is a major cause of stomach and upper intestinal distress and disorders.

H pylori and ulcers

H. pylori is now thought to be the major cause of stomach ulcers.  A common ulcer treatment is, therefore, antibiotics, to get rid of this destructive bacteria. Unfortunately, new strains of H. pylori may be drug-resistant, and antibiotics may upset your stomach.

If you want to try more natural H. pylori treatments for your peptic, duodenal or gastric ulcers, check out the easy, inexpensive alternative treatments described below.

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H. pylori and stomach cancer

H-pylori bacterial infection results in cellular injury, inflammation, tissue destruction, damaged DNS and is a risk factor for stomach cancer.

H pylori diagnosis: blood, breath and stool tests

The diagnosis of H. pylori infection includes tests for antibodies in blood, urea breath tests, tests for antigens in stool, and endoscopic biopsies.

Is H. pylori curable?

With proper treatment, H pylori can be eradicated.

Probiotics for H. pylori

At least 50% of the world's population is infected with H. pylori. However, only 20 percent of those infected develop problems, says Dr. David Williams, medical researcher in his newsletter, Alternatives, 11/16.

One of the reasons that only a small percentage of people with H. pylori experience problems is because it is kept in check by other species of bacteria, along with sufficient digestive enzymes. As long as you have a good overall balance of bacterial flora in your gut, H. pylori doesn't pose a problems, he says.

Among h. pylori treatments, consider a high-quality, probiotic that has been tested for effectiveness says Dr. Nan Fuchs. She says Dr. Ohira’s 12-Plus probiotic formula by Essential Formulas has been tested and found effective as other H. pylori treatments.

She says to chew two capsules in the morning and two at night. It tastes "pleasant," she says, and the chewing (rather than swallowing the capsules whole) enhances its effectiveness. Dr. Fuchs says to call 877-262-7483 and mention her newsletter, Women’s Health Letter, to get a discount. 

In an E-Alert, Health Science Institute (HSI) recommends a probiotic called Probiotic 12 Plus. They say tests have shown that this product inhibits all strains of H. pylori, even antibiotic resistant strains. It's available at unikeyhealth.com.

HSI also recommends Lactoferrin, which can kill H. pylori by activating genes that promote immune response.

Note that HSI repeats what I always tell you:

See your doctor before using lactoferrin or probiotics.

Treatment for H pylori: H. pylori supplements

Zinc carnosine for H pylori home treatment

In Japan, a prescription anti-ulcer drug is made of a zinc-carnosine compound. In the U.S. you can buy it as an over-the-counter dietary supplement that is safe for long-term use. 

Hyla Cass, M.D. author of Supplement Your Prescriptionrecommends zinc carnosine, 75 mg twice a day between meals.

Cranberry juice: a natural remedy for h. pylori

  • Cranberries inhibit H. pylori. In one study (49), 189 adults with H. pylori were given daily about two cups of cranberry juice or a placebo. After 35 and 90 days of treatment, 14% of the cranberry group showed test results that indicated complete eradication of H. pylori. The placebo group had just 5% percent improvement. 
  • Another review found that the array of compounds in cranberries “appears to be responsible for the cranberry property of preventing many diseases and infections, including cardiovascular diseases, various cancers, infections involving the urinary tract, dental health, and Helicobacter pylori-induced stomach ulcers and cancers.

H pylori treatments: DGL licorice

Licorice extracts are anti-inflammatory and also boost production of stomach mucus. Human and animal studies show that deglycrrhizinated licorice (DGL) can reduce aspirin-induced damage to the stomach lining and promote healing of duodenal ulcers. DGL stimulates regeneration of the mucus layer and inhibits growth of H. pylori. Chew 500 to 1000 milligrams (mg) twenty minutes before meals or between meals, three times a day.

In a study of DGL for people with peptic ulcers, who took 760 mg three times daily, researchers found that DGL for H. pylori was as effective as the prescription drug Tagamet after six and 12 weeks of testing. Another study found DGL as effective as antacids and, again, as effective as Tagament. Here is much more info on DGL for ulcers, including dosage and clinical studies

Picrorhiza: A helicobacter pylori natural treatment

Those searching on herbs for h pylori treatment will be happy to know of a perennial herb called picrorhiza kurroa, which is well known in Ayurvedic medicine. Picrorhiza extract given to rats with ulcers, induced much faster rates of healing.

In another study on mice with acute stomach ulceration, ulcers were reduced by 45% after treatment for three days with picrorhiza. See the study.

Life Extension, which is often first out of the gate in creating new supplements based on results of clinical studies, sells a supplement that contains all of these: zinc-carnosine, cranberry, deglycyrrhizinated licorice, and picroriza. It is called CarnoSoothe. Other manufacturers will probably jump on the bandwagon soon.

H pylori natural treatment: More supplements for h pylori

From Bottom Line's Prescription for Natural Cures come the following suggestions for H. pylori treatments:

  • Garlic
    Add garlic to your food. Studies show it works against H. pylori.

  • Aloe Vera
    Drink ¼ cup of aloe vera three times a day. Aloe helps heal intestinal tract lining and also has antimicrobial benefits. Look for aloe vera drinks at your health food store.

  • Mastic gum for h pylori
    Mastic gum is exuded by the bark of the mastic tree Mastic has shown antibacterial activity against Helicobacter pylori in vitro in a test tube or culture dish.)

    Studies on mastic gum show it destroys H. pylori and is effective in healing ulcers. Try 500 mg three times a day. In a study of mastic gum for duodenal ulcers, subjects received one gram of mastic gum per day, or a placebo. After two weeks, 80 percent of those on mastic gum reported significant improvement in symptoms.

    Mastic gum is also recommended by Hyla Cass, M.D. author of Supplement Your Prescription, Basic Health 2007, and by Dr. Nan Fuchs, Women’s Health Letter, October 2008.

    The mastic gum dosage for h pylori, according to Dr. Cass, is 500 milligrams twice a day after meals.

  • Ellagic acid for h pylori
    Ellagic acid appears to inhibit Helicobacter pylori, the bacterium that inevitably causes gastritis—a main cause of gastric ulcers—and which has been associated with both esophageal and stomach cancer.26,27 And indeed, one study showed that ellagic acid reduced by 21 to 55% the number of chemically-induced esophageal tumors in experimental animals. See this page for details. Scroll down the page. 

Both Dr. Fuchs and Dr. Cass recommend trying as many of these natural H. pylori treatments as possible for two months. Then, have your doctor reevaluate you, says Dr. Fuchs, and if the problem persists, antibiotics may be indicated.

Additional treatment for helicobacter pylori

Spices and herbs: natural remedies for h pylori

Among the plants that killed H. pylori, turmeric was the most efficient, followed by cumin, ginger, chili, borage, black caraway, oregano and licorice.

Moreover, extracts of turmeric, borage and parsley were able to inhibit the adhesion of H. pylori strains to the stomach sections. See the study.  

H pylori treatments: Bismuth

Bismuth, found in Pepto Bismol, may help; in fact, doctors often add bismuth to the antibiotic regimen for H. pylori.

As an alternative treatment for chronic gastritis or stomach ulcers, bismuth may be available in stronger forms at your health food store.

However, a double-blind trial of 60 patients with peptic ulcer disease showed that DGL licorice (see above) is as effective as bismuth at eradicating H. pylori, indicating that licorice is a safe alternative for patients for whom bismuth may be contraindicated.


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