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Natural Herbal Pain Relief
Herbal home remedies that work

Herbs for muscle and joint aches and pains, strains and injuries, arthritis, more. Herbal pain remedies to heal you and give you ease, comfort and peace again.

Natural herbal pain relief: comfrey

Comfrey's botanical name is symphytum officinale. It has been used in Europe for centuries to treat muscle and joint aches and pains. A double-blind, multi-center, randomized trial even showed that comfrey ointment, applied to the skin, decreases the pain and swelling of ankle sprains, without any negative side effects. In 2007, another clinical trial showed the effectiveness of comfrey ointment in knee and other kinds of osteoarthritis symptoms. Pain was reduced and mobility increased.

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Comfrey is also good for relief of muscle pain, especially back pain. Use of a 10 percent comfrey cream applied to the skin at the painful area produced significant decrease in pain during movement, during rest, and when pressure was applied to the painful area.

Natural Herbal pain relief: arnica

I have not tried comfrey yet for herbal pain relief, but I can sure give a personal testimony for arnica (botanical name Arnica Montana). Whenever I have a muscle pain due to a strain or overuse, or something like that, right away I apply an arnica cream called Traumeel (in some areas labeled labeled Traumed), and the pain just goes away, usually within a half hour. Note that Traumeel/Traumed was renamed T-Relief somewhere around 2016. So look for T-Relief. It's amazing. Although my pain goes away after one or several applications, Traumeel is not promoted as a cure. It is for temporary symptomatic pain relief only, so for chronic conditions, you have to keep on using it.

One promotional piece says, "For the temporary relief of symptoms, including mild to moderate pain, associated with inflammatory and degenerative processes, due to acute trauma, repetitive or overuse conditions, or arthritic conditions."

It also says: "Depending on the condition [the product] is treating and the dosage given, individuals usually see therapeutic improvement within 24 hours - 1 week. Can you take other medications while using [the product]? Absolutely. There have been no known indications of drug interactions."

Easy, comfortable healing for pain

This homeopathic treatment works for a variety of inflammations, such as bruising, sprains and other kinds of muscle injuries, arthritis, sore throats, earaches, exzema, abscesses, and more, as an alternative to conventional pain relief medications. It comes in cream, gel and tablets. It can be used long term for chronic conditions with no side effects except possible allergic reaction (contact dermatitis) to the gel. Test arnica on a small patch of your skin to see if you are allergic.

In addition to arnica for natural herbal pain relief, T-Relief contains calendula, chamomilla, echinacea, hamamelis, hypericum, millefolium and symphytum. 

A 2007 study on arnica for relieving arthritis in the fingers showed that topical arnica gel applied to the fingers was more effective than topical ibuprofen gel. This was a really good study, approved by the Osteoarthritis Research Group International and the European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products. 

Another clinical trial that studied arnica gel for osteoarthritis showed improvement in pain, stiffness and joint function. 

Arnica also relieves the discomfort of varicose veins--that heavy leg feeling reported by many patients. The gel used on the skin over the veins, containing a 20 percent arnica tincture, also improved venous tone and reduced leg swelling. 

Finally, make sure what you are using is really arnica. Mexican arnica (botanical name heterotheca inuloides) is often substituted for real arnica (Arnica Montan), but it won't work as well. 

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Various educational and promotional publications for Traumeel.


Corydalis, a classic pain herb, is anti-inflammatory and acts as a mild sedative and muscle relaxant. See this study from UC Irvine (CA): Chinese herbal compound relieves inflammatory and neuropathic pain, "a new nonaddictive analgesic for acute inflammatory and nerve pain."


Boswellia serrata

In animal studies, boswellia serrata has shown an analgesic effect comparable to a moderate dose of morphine. In a human study, "it increased the Pain Threshold and Pain Tolerance force and time compared to placebo."

Note: It can cause heartburn in some people.


"Come to Me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest."  Matthew 11:28.

A number of studies have linked prayer to healing, and although the results have been inconclusive, what could it hurt to talk to the omnipotent creator of the universe? A prayer for healing might go something like this:

"Dear Lord, please hear me now as I pray for your help with (name your problem). I pray you’ll cleanse my body and heal me completely. In Jesus’ name I pray; Amen."

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