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Natural Migraine Relief

Info on natural migraine relief, treatment and prevention. Natural and home remedies that stop a migraine. Supplements for migraines.

Headache Hammock

Have you gotten relief from your migraine when, lying down, you had the bottom of your scalp pulled away from your neck by the fingers of someone who was trying to help you? If so, the headache hammock, an orthopedic traction headrest, may help you. Patterned after a physical therapy called the occipital lift, it releases tension in the upper cervical area. The device can be warmed or cooled, So if your doctor recommends heat, you can put it in the microwave. If your doctor recommends icing, you can store the device in the freezer. See photos and more information for natural migraine relief at the Headache Hammock site. Among devices used as natural migraine remedies, this one is less expensive than many.

Vielight Intranasal
Light Therapy

Vielight intranasal light therapy for natural migraine relief

With a device called "Vielight," you clip a small red light to your nose to light up the inside of your nasal cavity, for natural migraine relief. The Vielight NIR Intranasal light, emitting invisible infrared light at 810 nm, is used to treat many conditions. I don’t have room here to discuss them all, but at vielight.com you will learn all you need to know. A search on "migraine" here brought a page that contained the following info:  "Quick results are also often experienced by sufferers of … migraine headaches."

In addition, it says on this page: “What diseases is (intranasal light) effective for? The body of research postulates that positive outcomes can be achieved for high blood pressure, diabetes, high LDL cholesterol, sinusitis, migraine and a number of age and blood circulatory related disorders. Users report that regular use of the device has improved their resistance to diseases." You might want to investigate further, with the help of your doctor, this intranasal light therapy for natural migraine treatment.

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator

This portable, noninvasive device, held against the head, eased migraine symptoms nearly twice as much as a placebo, according to an Ohio State University Medical Center study. Thirty-nine percent of users were pain free after treatment. Source: Prevention Magazine, March 2009, p. 30.

See here for information from the U.S. National Institutes of Health about TMS for natural migraine relief.

You can see an example of a TMS device here

To find out more about what devices are available and the cost, do a search for "transcranial magnetic stimulation device." For your convenience, here's a search box.

Pulsed Electromagnetic
Frequencies (PEMF)

Pulsed electromagnetic frequencies are doing some amazing healing, including natural migraine relief. PEMF improves the flow of electrons through your cells, helping to maintain the negative charge so critical to good health. PEMF can reduce pain/inflammation, repair and strengthen tendons and ligaments, help heal wounds faster, help regenerate nerves and heal bones, and much more, including reducing migraines. "Migraine sufferers can expect total improvement in 73% (of those using PEMF), with 45% (of those using PEMF) getting substantial improvement in just three weeks of use." See the device, SomaPulse, at this Web site.

There are lots of videos about PEMF at youtube.com. Search for PEMF and then refine your search from the drop-down box.

This SomaPulse device seems to do so many amazing things, all over the body, not just for migraines,  you really owe it to yourself to take a look. (As always, I do not benefit in any way from your purchase.)

In addition, an FDA-approved electric-pulse device called Cefaly, for prevention of migraine has a headband that gives a mild electric shock, hopefully to increase endorphins and block pain signals. In one survey, it succeeded a bit more than half the time. (Prevention magazine, 6/14, p. 61)


A study found that chiropractic manipulation combined with therapeutic massage resulted in a 68% reduction in the intensity of migraine headaches within one hour of treatment. Previous research has also shown benefits from chiropractic care for the treatment of migraines.

Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, March 2012


Food allergies can trigger migraines, so eliminating certain foods is natural migraine relief at its best if doing so makes your migraines go away. An article in the July 2013 issue (p. 42+) of Prevention magazine tells the story of a woman who stopped her migraines through an elimination diet, after an integrative nutritionist did a blood test for food allergies, and it came back positive, especially dairy and corn. This diet involves removing all suspected foods and then slowly bringing them back into the diet, one by one, to see which ones cause migraines. This woman said that although the diet was tough, she started to feel better right away, and within two weeks, her migraines disappeared completely. A year later, she said she hadn’t had a single migraine! Of the natural migraine remedies, this one is simple. Not easy, but simple.

Migraines are two to three times more common in people with nasal allergies. Relieving your allergies with whatever your doctor recommends may also improve migraine symptoms that come with allergies. (Prevention, 6/14, p. 61)

Jonathan Wright, M.D. Nationally known nutrition specialist, also recommends food sensitivity testing. In his newsletter, Nutrition and Healing, Nov. 15, 2012, he suggests contacting the American College for Advancement in Medicine (800-532-3688) for a list of doctors that can do the testing.

Dr. Wright (wrightnewsletter.com) also suggests:

  • Hormone testing for hormone allergy and sensitivity.

  • Testing for hypoglycemia. (11/15/2012) Also, prevent dips in your blood sugar by eating small, frequent meals. (9/2/2010)

  • An appointment with a nutritionist, who can use the tests to make a customized diet plan for natural migraine relief.

  • Consider using the following supplements as remedies for migraines, if you are not sensitive to them. Add them only after your allergy screening: magnesium citrate 200 mg twice a day, Vitamin B6, 200 milligrams twice a day, three capsules of feverfew twice a day (100 to125 mg per capsule) two times a day, 200 milligrams of vitamin b2 (riboflavin) two or three times a day, and a hypoallergenic multiple vitamin/mineral combination.

Dr. Wright says this approach to natural migraine relief may take some time to work, but it gets to the root of the problem to get rid of them for good and possibly give you the gift of better health in other areas, too.

Stop chewing gum

In a study of 30 gum-chewing migraine sufferers, all but four of the participants had milder symptoms, and 19 of them got rid of migraine pain completely. What a simple and natural migraine relief technique!

Holistic Therapies

CranialSacral therapy, massage (especially manual lymph drainage), biofeedback, rolfing and reflexology may all contribute to natural migraine relief, according to a Sandpoint Idaho Wellness Council article in The River Journal, August 2008, p. 45+. Biofeedback and acupuncture are effective for some people, says Andrew Weil, M.D. in Prevention Magazine, p.41+. One study showed a course in biofeedback decreased migraines by 56% and acupuncture every other week helped prevent migraines, according to Dr. Weil.

Stop Clenching Your Teeth

For natural migraine relief, you may want to normalize your peptides. A study in Ireland found that people who have migraines have one hundred times (50,000 units) more peptides than those who don’t. Theorizing that the huge number of peptides came from teeth clenching at night, Dr. Phillip Lamey, professor of oral medicine at the Royal Hospital in Northern Ireland had 19 migraine sufferers wear a device that kept the upper teeth from touching the lower teeth. Saliva peptide levels dropped to normal (500 units), and the number of migraine attacks was reduced by 60% for these people. A device preventing upper and lower teeth from touching must be worn each night for about a year. After one year, 70 percent of those in the study said their migraines had stopped completely.

This technique works best in people who have frequent and regular migraines, at least two a week, and in those who get migraines when they wake up in the morning.

If you can’t find Dr. Lamey’s device (not available in U.S. at time of this writing), go to a sporting goods store and get an athletic mouthpiece designed to fit over your top teeth. Make sure to get one large enough to cover all your top teeth. You can boil this and custom fit it to your mouth. Note: when I used to wear one of these to prevent teeth grinding, I found it made me clench harder, BUT, the clenching still does not allow the teeth to touch, and that is what’s important, according to this study. Source: Kiss Your Migraines Goodbye, a special report from medical researcher David Williams.

Supplements for
Natural Migraine Relief

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
Patients age 16 to 65 with mild to moderate migraines, between two and eight per month, who took 400 mg of B2 had 37 percent fewer migraines than those on a placebo, and the headaches they did have weren’t as bad. Pay attention to this, however: You must take this natural migraine relief for at least three months for it to work fully. Also, with this large a dose, you must balance it with the other B vitamins, so if you are taking a multivitamin with all the B vitamins in it, that’s fine, but if not, take a B-complex supplement. Source: Kiss Your Migraines Goodbye, a special report from medical researcher David Williams.

Feverfew/Ginger Combo

For natural migraine relief, a combination of feverfew and ginger may be effective. A study of Lipigesic, a sublingual feverfew/ginger product, compared with a placebo, showed that two hours after dosing, those taking the product showed a statistically significant improvement, including easing the pulsing of the migraine, the increase in severity with activity, the worsening of the headache with light, and sound, and easing of nausea.

In conclusion, the study said the product is safe and effective for those who often have a mild headache warning prior to a severe migraine. It is “well tolerated and has “no known contraindications with other treatments for acute migraine.” The source from which I took this info is a long hard-to-read article written in med-speak. I have pulled out this summary for you, but do read the article.

Find out more about Lipigesic for migraines.

Coenzyme Q10

A study published November 2018 found support for "CoQ10 as a powerful therapeutic preventative agent in regard to migraine duration and the number of monthly migraine days." See the study at MDLinx.

In a different study of 1550 pediatric and adolescent patients, 74.6% had low levels of Coenzyme Q-10. Then this supplement was added at 1-3 mg per kilogram of body weight. The result was that 46.3% of patients experienced a 50% reduction in headache frequency.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)
Testing alpha lipoic acid for natural migraine relief, researchers studied 44 patients in a randomized controlled trial. They gave the patients 600 mg of ALA or a placebo for three months. Migraine frequency, the number of days with headaches, and the severity of headaches were all significantly reduced in those given the ALA.

Source for info on CoQ10 and ALA: Second Opinion Newsletter by Robert Rowen, M.D., May 1, 2007

Vitamin D
Vitamin D may help to prevent migraines, according to information in the March 2011 issue of Natural Solutions magazine. Researchers found that people who get migraines are more likely to show a deficiency of Vitamin D than those who do not get migraine headaches. The longer they had suffered with migraines, the more likely they were to have a Vitamin D deficiency. In migraines caused by hormone imbalances, Vitamin D also helps, because it helps the body absorb calcium. Studies show these two supplements together ease migraines caused by hormones.


Studes show that butterbur reduces the frequency of migraine attacks after three to four months of taking it for natural migraine relief, according to label directions. "I've had patients get off their migraine prescriptions after taking butterbur," says aaron Michelfelder, professor of family medicine and bioethics at the Stritch School of Medicine in Chicago. Source: Prevention Magazine, October 2014, p. 106.

Preventing Migraines

A new device called Cefaly has been approved by the FDA for preventing migraines, according to an article in USA Weekend, April 18-20, 2014. It "provides an alternative to medications for migraine prevention," according to Christy Foreman, director of the Office of Device Evaluation at the FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health. The device, which requires a prescription, generates "precise micro-impulses" to stimulate the nerve endings, producing a tranquilizing effect. Used regularly, Cefaly may reduce the number of migraines. See more at the product Web site: www.cefaly.us.


"Come to Me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest."  Matthew 11:28.

A number of studies have linked prayer to healing, and although the results have been inconclusive, what could it hurt to talk to the omnipotent creator of the universe? A prayer for healing might go something like this:

"Dear Lord, please hear me now as I pray for your help with (name your problem). I pray you’ll cleanse my body and heal me completely. In Jesus’ name I pray; Amen."

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