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Oral Thrush

Find information on the candida fungal infection known as oral thrush, or thrush mouth or tongue thrush. Risk factors, diagnosis, and alternative therapies and treatment tips from alternative medicine.

Personal Experience with Oral Thrush

Oral thrush is a yeast infection of the mucous membranes of the mouth and tongue.  Although the elderly, babies, and others with weak or compromised immune systems are most at risk, I contracted thrush mouth in the prime of my life, in my early forties.  I saw an ear/nose/throat specialist.  He diagnosed tongue thrush with a lab test, since it wasn't bad enough yet to do a visual diagnosis, and the first thing he recommended was cutting out all sugar.  Since I was addicted to sugar and ate huge amounts, it's no wonder I got it.  Some of the sites referenced below also recommend also cutting out bread, beer and wine, which contain yeast.

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The doc gave me the standard antifungal drugs as a thrush treatment, but it still took me two to three months to get rid of this thrush in the mouth, and it wasn't very bad when I went to the doctor.  Most people wait longer than I do before seeking help for a thrush infection.  Anyway, if you are at risk, you might want to try to avoid it by taking a probiotic. Get a recommendation from your alternative medicine provider.

If I got it today, knowing how yucky and persistent it is, I would start my own alternative thrush treatment by cutting out all sugar, bread and other products containing yeast, beer, wine and maybe even some fruit that is really high in sugar.  I'd take the maximum recommended does of a good, recommended probiotic daily.  I'd do what I could to reduce stress, and I'd try to get a lot of sleep to help my body fight it off.

At the Medicine.net Web site, you'll find risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis (including photos), and even some home remedies for thrush out of alternative medicine, namely hydrogen peroxide, grapefruit seed extract, gentian violet, and more. You may want to read this if you are looking for a home remedy for thrush.

As always, ask your doctor about all of this information about oral thrush.  Only you and your doctor know your health history and how this information might affect it.


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> Oral Thrush

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