> Sleep Apnea Treatments

Sleep Apnea Treatments

Here you can read about sleep apnea treatments offered by alternative medicine.  Each time we learn of a new sleep apnea remedy or solution, we'll add it here.

Sleep apnea is defined as "a form of sleep disordered breathing (SDB), which causes the airway to collapse partially or fully."

Sleep apnea related to depression

An Australian study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that nearly 73 percent of sleep apnea patients had significant symptoms of depression. Of those using CPAP (see below) 96% saw significant improvements in their symptoms.

If you have sleep apnea and also depression, including suicidal thoughts, you really need to read this whole article, titled "Using CPAP Reduces Symptoms of Depression in Those With Sleep Apnea."

Here are some sleep apnea remedies (including CPAP) to address the problems that occur when you stop breathing sporadically during your sleep:

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Seven sleep apnea treatments 

  • CPAP: Experts agree that, for those who can tolerate it, positive airway pressure (PAP) is the best sleep apnea treatment, and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is the best of the best.  This involves wearing a mask that applies air pressure to keep your airway open.

    This method can also relieve depression, which can be caused by your sleep-apnea-related insomnia. (See article referenced above.)
  • Acupuncture, with applications to the nose, chest, arms and other points, may help to open your airway.

  • Avoid alcohol at night. It relaxes your airway, making it more likely to collapse and restrict or stop your breathing.

  • Avoid sleeping pills, which don’t work as a sleep apnea treatment and can make things worse.

  • Try sleeping on your side, instead of on your back.
  • Lose weight.  Those who are overweight are at higher risk for sleep apnea.  If you are female and have a neck measurement over 16 inches, or 17 inches, if you’re male, you are more likely to have problems with sleep apnea than those of normal weight.  When someone is on a weight loss program, they often lose inches off the neck quickly.  Just a small reduction in inches from the neck can reduce sleep apnea problems.

The CPAP mask is the most effective sleep apnea solution, but if you can’t sleep with the mask on, you might consider:

  • A dental device to wear during sleep to push your jaw forward to open your upper airway.

  • Surgery is available, but it’s the least desirable option.  Even the best surgeons rarely achieve better than a 50% success rate for this invasive procedure.  Only after you have tried CPAP and other options should you consider surgery.

Source: Reader’s Digest, December 2006.

Reader's Digest sources:
Barry Krakow, MD, Medical Director, Sleep and Human Health Institute, Albuquerque, New Mexico; John Stradling, MD, Professor of Respiratory Medicine, Oxford University, Churchill Hospital, Oxford, UK; Anjali Hasija, LAC, Satori Holistic Center and Spa, New York, NY; Jeffrey Schonberg, MD, Otolaryngologist, Head and Neck Surgeon, Chicago, IL.


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