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Vertigo Treatments

Vertigo treatments from alternative medicine. Find a remedy for vertigo dizziness that stops the room spinning, nausea and other vertigo symptoms.

Noni Juice
I had the problem for quite some time. I had it bad. The room would spin. I would walk down the hall to the bedrooms in my house and knock into the walls because I was so off balance due to the dizziness. I didn't have the nausea, though; I am grateful for that.

I was looking for a vertigo home remedy, and I had in my frig a juice produced by a network marketing company and  sold to me by a friend, who said it brought relief for lots of things, and it made you feel really healthy. It didn't do anything for me, but then there was nothing wrong with me then.

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I was really suffering and ready to try anything, so as a vertigo treatment I took this juice, two tablespoons a day.  To my astonishment, within 48 hours, 75% of my symptoms were gone.  Within two weeks, 100% of my symptoms were gone.

I must add that this is not a vertigo cure; it is a vertigo home remedy for vertigo symptoms.  If I stop taking it, the symptoms come back.  But so what?  The juice is good for me, and I'm fine.  As a bonus, about four weeks into this vertigo treatment, I noticed my carpal tunnel symptoms were going away.  I wouldn't believe this if I hadn't experienced it myself.

Anyway, the original product was expensive, but recently, I found a similar product in the health food section of my local supermarket.  The product is called noni juice.  Despite the fact that it smells and tastes awful (so no one would take it unless they had to), this supermarket seems to move a lot of it.

The brand I used was Tree of Life, but that is no longer available.  Now I use Genesis Today Organic Noni 100. It's straight noni juice.  The original network marketing product was cut with other fruit juice to make it taste better.  I mix the Genesis Today two parts noni juice to one part grape juice.  I'm still taking about two tablespoons a day, and I have zero dizziness. 

Some people say it's important to get noni juice that is not reconstituted from powder or from concentrate, and that Tahitian noni juice is the best kind.  I don't know.  Genesis brand ss not reconstituted and says it's from the "South Pacific." I think anything you would find at your health food store that is 100 percent noni juice would probably be good.

I don't know if this vertigo treatment would work for you, but it's worth a try.


Chinese medicine often focuses on the energy flow in your body.  For dizziness, Chinese medical practitioners recommend fresh strawberries for their impact on your energy flow with regard to dizziness.  If you're not allergic to strawberries, what's to lose?  They taste good and they're good for you, and if they turn out to be a vertigo treatment, wouldn't that be great!

Source: Doctors' Favorite Home Remedies, Bottom Line/Health, Joan Wilen and Lydia Wilen


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